Dec 13, 2018

Allow users post .rar files


Edited: Dec 13, 2018


hello how are you

i really need help !!!

is to to let the users on my wesite to post in forum section their .rar files because my website consist files sharing for programing cars purposes


and PM messages privet messages

thanks ...

Dec 14, 2018

There is a different app for file sharing. All your members will be able to share files with eachother.

Will this give you a good solution?

If yes, it is going live next week. We can add you as a first user and you can try it out


Dec 14, 2018Edited: Dec 14, 2018

great news ,i am waiting till next week ..will they be able to send privet messages to each other also ? please would you tell the app name you recommend for me



Dec 14, 2018

@Ibra Chay to send private messages you need to install chat and in the settings to enable social chat. This will allow member to member chat

We will ping you once the file sharing app is released

Dec 20, 2018

@Ibra Chay The file sharing app is live now! You can search for Wix File Share in the App market, or to install it through this link. Please note, Wix only supports zip archive type.

@Ibra Chay , Hello please do you know how to create a personal member page (not visible by other members) that could receive personal files that could be classified in folders with some kind of library (pdf, doc, jpeg, xls).

I know that the wix file-sharing module actually allows you to load and sort files. But these folders are visible to all members and in the case of our website, we want to include in the member area of each of our customers a confidential area where files are visible only by a member and not by all members. Do you understand our request? Know how we can do? Is it possible ? B.R

Thank you for your answers

Dec 20, 2018Edited: Dec 20, 2018

@Adi Evgi ok thanks alot but i need that users can share files on theire posts in forum ...


Dec 20, 2018

Hi @Ibra Chay, We are also planning to add a plugin for the text editor that allows members to upload files from their devices directly to the post. We'll keep you posted in the future.

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