Jul 28

Connect list of places with maps?

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Hi everybody,

thanks for reading and helping me out with this problem.

I want to create a list of places with detailed information like restaurants, bars etc. Additionally I want to show the places in a map on the same page and I somehow want to connect the information. I embedded the google maps and inserted an anker in the places information. So by click on the link in the google information box the page should scroll down to the place in the list. But when clicking on the link the whole page is reloading and nothing happens. Cann anyone help me with this problem? Or you might have a better idea for connecting the information (in best case it should be like airbnb, places on a map with opening information when clicking)?


Many thanks! Lukas

@ wix team: Sorry in case of wrong usage of the forum structure!

Hi, Lukas, nice to meet you! I suggest you to reach out to support@wix.com and they will answer more efficiently and accurately as this is a forum for the Wix Forum application only :)

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