Jan 7

From what I've seen.....


I've been reading some of your forum posts recently and I think some of the posts and comments have been rude towards Wix, @Refael Laufer, and @Domas Sabockis. Yes, I know people want the badges feature, I have been asking as well. But....a lawsuit for Wix forum is not worth it and is unnecessary. When people were asking for private messaging, we got it. Yes, it may have taken awhile, but it was so Wix could make it better and have it perform better. There are a lot of requests for new features, and Wix is trying. I'm not trying to take sides here, but I believe in Wix and will stay with them. The Wix forum has improved a lot since it was released. If this means waiting for badges, then so be it. Maybe they can release a beta like private messaging, who knows. Therefore, let's be nice to the Wix staff that put incredible hours into making their service great.

Jan 8

Hey @Domas Sabockis dont worry about the treats 🤦🏻‍♀️. Some People are unreal ...thanks to this county if you have $160.00 on you pocket you can sue anyone if you live in Europe you can’t even pass the security😂

@Wixlover what you said is very true, I believe the WiX team are under a lot of pressure. They should be respected.

i think to get more respect....at least show a pipeline of what is coming up....

@Chu Kit Kwa I agree. People get very frustrated that the WiX team just say 'stay tuned', which is fine to me because I know WiX are trying their best.


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