May 21, 2018

Issue with site members not appearing on members list.

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Hi everyone,


I recently launched a website that has member-only pages. Currently, around 30 people have now signed up and are approved as members of my website.


The problem is, I needed to add special permissions for one of my members to write for the blog. I looked it up and found that I need a members "forum" page in order to give writing permissions. I published the members forum page (which had been previously on "hide" mode) and went on it, but found only my name as listed under that page. The page keeps telling me that only one person is signed up as a member - me.


How can I troubleshoot this? My website is: I would really appreciate the help.




May 27, 2018


You need your users to login to the site after the approval for show in the members page, if you still having issue please open a ticket to support here.

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