May 9

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Hello, all you great Wix Forum users!


We’ve noticed that this forum is often used for general Wix website questions.

So, we’d like to emphasize that these discussions are meant for Wix Forum application stuff only. :)



Next, I’d like to discuss a few important things related to your Wix Forum.


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Forums are one of the most effective ways to grow a community of fans, colleagues or customers. Do you have interesting insights or a success story about how your forum helped you to reach a goal?


It’s the place to let us know how creatively you’re using your forum. Let's inspire each other!


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Is there something you or your community are missing in your forum?

Tell us what you need and why. If you’ve got feature requests, let us know how you’re going to use the features if we build them. By understanding your incentives, we will be able to build the most fitting solutions.

I’m going to end this post with my most important point.


If you’d like to discuss anything, share your story, or list the needs and challenges you have regarding your Wix Forum, feel free to reach out to me and we can arrange a call. Being the User Researcher for Wix Forum, I regularly chat with Forum Users who are playing a hugely important part in creating effective tools for all Wix Forum users.


The Wix Forum team want to skyrocket your Forum experience!


We hope you and your community have a wonderful day,


Wix Forum Team.

I'm pretty sure people post all of their questions on here because the general support system is extremely unhelpful, and they don't have anywhere else to turn. I'm having all sorts of problems with my site (one of which is the inability to update my forum member's area to the new, apparently all-inclusive member's area), and the general support people have been, in turn, incomprehensible, incompetent, and in downright disbelief that my issues actually exist. I came to this discussion group in the hope that maybe another Wix user could be of more help than the support team.

Jul 3Edited: Jul 3

Hi Kelly, I regret that this happened to you. I am pretty sure there could have been some misunderstanding between you and the support team, as the team is helpful resource.


This forum is run by the team dedicated to the Wix Forum App only and we are ready to help you as fast as possible with the issues related with the app. Unfortunately, we aren’t be able to solve each case of general Wix site, as there are many different teams working on different parts of Wix platform. Please try to reach out to the support team again providing a fully detailed scenario of your issue. Let me know if that worked out!


Now regarding your members' area issue- could you provide me the link of your site so we could check why it's not possible to update the new version (feel free to contact me directly to

Wix has got to be one of the most frustrating place to get support. As many have stated, I came here hoping to find help with my Wix site, but not specifically with a forum. (chat and email support just repeat the useless bits of help online) So, where might we post General Wix questions if not here? I'm not asking about blogs or Corvid coding....

I'll try getting in touch with the tech support people again...maybe a phone call will work better. As for the members area, I got a reply back from that support team that told me the solution...which was to delete both of my existing member areas (forum and store) and then add the new one. The confusion I had was that the tutorial in the help section for adding the new members area specifically said:


"The old members page has been replaced by the new Wix Member's Area.   Note that: 

When you switch to the new Member's Area, your site members, along with all their info, are automatically transferred. You do not have to delete the old members page separately. It disappears when you add the new one."


So I thought I didn't have to delete my old members areas...

I am also having problems with the Wix mobile app not reflecting all members which started a couple of weeks ago. I have the same issue with two clients. I do print scenes, etc and perform all the steps they suggest. The support feedback is so basic , you can tell they didn’t even read my email and we go around in circles.

Jul 15

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Aug 4

Thank you for this post. I didn't understand why no one answer me. The word - Forum is confusing as usually a Forum is a place for asking questions, but in this case it's a Wix feature. I'll move to the Wix blog forum :)

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  • Everyone goes through hardship. 😂

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