Sep 7, 2018

Theme choices for SEO


I've been watching and reading about SEO a lot and one thing keeps coming up. A "plain" website with not a lot of movement is best for SEO. What are your thoughts?

I'm new to Wix and looking to build my first site with them. I see a lot of themes where there are animations, and moving backgrounds. When you scroll up the page, new things appear. They look really great, but will they hurt my SEO if I used them? Should I use a more traditional page layout where everything is there and its flat?

By my knowledge, these animation and other effects are not hurting SEO. All the text is included in the page regardless animations and crawlers like Google are taking from the web pages.

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New Posts
  • When sorting by categories, Wix is not showing the "next" or "prev" buttons to show more videos of the same category. It maxes out as the number of thumbnails (in this example the number of thumbnails is 2). Moreover, after pressing the "X" button to cancel the search, the "next" and "prev" buttons are gone permanently.
  • Is there a way to change the styling of the password page when you set a page as password protected?
  • Hi, what happened to the collages in the blog posts? Have there been some change recently? I was used to creating collages with huge images (as my page is focused on photography and you cannot preview photos in their original size from blog posts), and everything worked perfectly until recently (about a week ago). When I add a collage of images into a blog post, I use to adjust the column width parameter, and as a result, I get bigger images (and the collage length increases). Now, I get bigger images, but the bottom of the collage is cut off, so I see only a few of the images in the collage. See below - this collage is composed of 10 images, but I see only 6, and 2 of them not whole. Previously, the collages looked like this (this one is composed of 18 images and they were all quite big. It even did not fit into 1 print screen): Does anyone experience the same? How can it be fixed? I really cannot post without the photo collages, they are the core of my posts. Thanks for help! JB.

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