Feb 3

Upgrades, Wish Lists, & Votes (long post)


Having read through a number of other posts that fervently, and passionately, voice their objections and protests about Wix's inconveniences and shortfalls, I will attempt to convey my own dissatisfaction with some semblance of diplomacy. I work in IT and have years of professional experience when it comes to application or platform enhancement projects. I realize that these changes cannot be made overnight or even in a year (depending on the developer staffing and proposal complexities), so I will exercise a degree of leniency when I list out my discontentment.


1) When you are invited to upgrade for more features and functions, there are some things that are omitted (either intentionally or unintentionally) which would give the buyer the option to determine if the upgrade meets the requirements for their site's objective and if Wix is the appropriate platform to utilize for their website:

a) If I was made aware that you can only have a single forum instance throughout the entire website, I might have reconsidered going with Wix as the platform for my forum delivery;

b) If I had known that, as a site administrator, I would not be able to assign specific, customized group permissions to different forum categories, I might have sought out a provider whose platform supported this requirement;

c) If I had known that Single Sign-On capabilities between vendor products (e.g. Rumbletalk, Wix's preferred video/call/text chat rooms) were unavailable, I would have opted to go with a different vendor who could satisfy my site's live social interactions.


2) Wish lists. Understanding application development and life cycles, I realize that product owners go with the minimum viable products (MVPs) (base functionality and features usually derived from focus groups) to attract and entice prospective consumers to use their product over their competitors'. However, when it comes to enhancements of features and functions, using a term like "wish list" just seems a bit derogatory. Why? It implies that their customers' recommendations for added functionality originate from an intangible concept which today's technologies cannot support. I have seen some posts on the wish list (some as far back as 1 or 2 years) where today's technological advances can satisfy, but have yet to be implemented.


3) Votes. Although democratic in nature, if Wix's enhancement voting is anything like the United States electoral process, then I feel my anticipations will be met with displeasing results. But all this goes back to the wish list philosophy. I understand I am not the only customer, but I truly cannot be the only person seeking enhancements such as more flexibility in customizing a website for the purposes of uniqueness.


Anyway, that's just my two cents. Feel free to share your thoughts.

I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for the time and thought you put into this post. Forum is always moving forward. The things we decide to do is the ones who would make the biggest impact, touch most of the users. For example last couple of months we spent A LOT of time on performance and stability. This is something that EVERY single user of Forum will feel. Huge signal for us is a large number of different users requesting for the same feature or pointing to the same problem. So the things you mentioned in point #1 although have been requested, but they were not requested as much as some other ones. Thank you again for your post. Have a nice day!

Feb 7

Thank you, Domas. I appreciate your forthrightness and candor. I agree and concur with the requirement for stability to support concurrent access to a person's website and feel this is a crucial element to any successful business venture. Your statement of "...although have been requested, but they were not requested as much as some other ones" made my point, so eloquently, indicated on my third point: voting doesn't always work in one's favor; which should also be a visual disclaimer when a prospective customer is seeking a web building platform's ability to meet their requirements.

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