Jan 4



We were told from @Domas Sabockisthat we would have it no later than the end of January and now we’re being told that it’s gonna be much later, 😡😡


I got funding from private investors for my niche forum and I finally told them that my forum would be created no later than February because @Domas Sabockis told me and everyone else that we would get the Member Badges no later than the end of January. But NOW, he’s telling me that it’s gonna be much later!!!! This is insane. I have A LOT TO LOSE BECAUSE OF THIS FALSE PROMISE.


You guys need to just give us API access so that we don’t have to depend on you guys anymore and you guys can go back to “whatever it is” that you guys do with your time at the wix offices. If you guys are busy with “other aspects” of wix then you need to hire MORE staff to give PAYING customers more attention with the wix forum and wix blog. This is absolutely insane.

Hello, I would like to ask you to keep the respect in the communication. This is a place to exchange ideas and foster meaningful, genuine communication. We released first badges experiment for Wix Code and Wix Experts forums. Will keep moving forward from there. We wanted to be open and share with you the timeline that we believed in. Clearly that was a huge mistake and I will never talk about exact timelines again.

hi all, sorry what is wix expert forums?

Jan 7

Whats the members badge ?

This post is getting REAL juicy lol 😝😝

seriously....after seeing 20 notifications about the badges....stuff the badges,i had enough of seeing spam

How is this spam??!!! This is people FINALLY putting their foot down and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Wix has literally not done ANYTHING that we ALL have been requesting. This is their most requested feature and it has been requested for over 2 years and we were suppose to get it THIS month and we were lied to and the one dude lost his investors over it. But the fact that they lied about the release date isn’t the worse part, the worse part is that they were suppose to have this done TWO YEARS AGO.

@James Marriot - lets keep this discussion civilized, you don't need to write all of those capital letters, we know how much badges are important, and we have a plan to support them.

Jan 11

For gods sake, Wix, just release the badges feature so everyone shuts up!!!!

i want to cancel this feature.....so we dont here about it

If they cancel the project all together, that will just piss everyone off even more.

Jan 12

I dont know what member badges are but Im sure they'd be a worthwhile addition, I can understand that the developers may be limited and focused on making the platform run faster and better on mobile. That being said wix forum really needs to add more key features for security and enhancing the interaction and style. The addition of emojis and reply to comment was great, but reputation, likes, banning, moderators that are designated for a specific section not entire forum etc would be good additions. I still use discourse and phbb because the current forum is not engaging enough for more than a FAQ or Corporate contact space. I really hope that WIX will redirect more resources towards the forum its so important for seo and customer/visitor retention. I check in every month hoping for new features. Thanks for all the effort and hope more features come for us all :)

@Tee we know we need to add more features - more will added and also we always focusing on performance and also making the mobile experience better- did you try the Wix Mobile App?

I know that the wix team won’t answer my question because they never answer my question but can a member have more than 1 badge at the same time?

@Refael Laufer That’s awesome!!! This is great news!!!! Dare I ask how much longer that it will take until it’s released?.....

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I can’t believe that this post has over 10,000 views!!!! This is literally the most viewed post on the forum.

Jan 17

Any update on this feature??

It looks like Wix is back to ignoring us again.

Why so? we just don't have any new info to share yet.

Thank you Wix for cancelling this project.

They canceled the badges project????!!!!! WTF??!!!!

Jan 18

Jimmy just said that they canceled the badges project!!!!!! That must be why they arent answering our questions anymore!!!!!

This is ridiculous, there are so many views. Though everyone should calm down - Wix are doing the best.

What does wix mean by 'it will Be live'?

Jan 19

It probably means that they’re going to release this feature soon

Jan 20

Dang, this post is officially the most viewed post on this whole forum. Thanks for all of your support guys!! I’m glad to know that people are finally putting their foot down.

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