Sep 28

Wix is a bit lame


Edited: Sep 28

So ive had my website for 9 months now and im looking to expand it in a couple of ways. Overall wix does everything i need it to do, however, typically or what is called sods law, the 2 areas of expansion i want to implement wix do not support. The 1st is the ability to provide an auction platform and secondly which is more fustrating, they do not support klarna. All of wix's rivals support klarna so why cant wix. Its ridiculous. 2 areas i need to improve my business and wix falls at the 1st hurdle. Lame. Time to look for another platform as these guys arent serious about moving with the times. Edit: Just researched that these guys dont support any installment platforms for merchants. Just rubbish. Why provide a shopping cart that cannot improve its functionality. Stop collecting votes and just implement for goodness sake.

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