May 6, 2018



Edited: May 6, 2018

Below is a list of ideas that everyone on the Wix Forum has posted and agreed to:


• Customizable Profile Pages (Allow for admin to collect specific information)

• Upload videos directly to forum instead of having to upload to YouTube first

• Ranking system where users can earn points by posting on the forum and earn badges (the admin could decide to enable or disable this feature)

• Fully customizable forum where the admin can change all of the text, shapes and buttons. Everything on the forum would be customizable

• Being able to reply to specific comments

• Using Wix Code on the forum

• Smoother performance on the mobile version

• Fully customizable email messages for when users comment/like a post (admin could choose to use the default email created by Wix or create their own)

• Private messaging between users on the forum

• Have a little icon that shows when a user is online or offline (this feature could be enabled or disabled by admin)


That’s all the features that I have found on the forum and organized into one post. Feel free to post more ideas for the forum below! These are all great ideas and would make the forum amazing for everyone!

May 7, 2018

I hope the Wix dev team actually responds to this and actually make updates.

Apr 6

Using Wix Code on the forum would be a very useful feature!

Thanks for this! Glad to say that half of these are being worked on or are planned to be worked on!

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