Nov 16, 2018

Online Status Feature


Hi Guys, I'm not the first one raising this issue. The first request to add online status feature was made almost 10 months from now. Moderators numerously mentioned that they added this request in a wish list. But seriously, it's been ten months from the first request and subsequently, there were others.


I hope that you can understand that we are not asking something outrageous. The feature will simply indicate that a member of a forum is online or offline. That's it. Simple green dot will make a huge difference. The forum will look much more alive. We already have a tool which allows forum members chat privately, but if you don't know whether the other person is online there is no reason of having a private chat it's just as same as sending an email. Integrating the online status feature in private chat would be even better.


I have purchased wix and work on my forum but there is only one thing missing and holding me from the launch - online status feature. I need people to see who is online. If you type ONLINE STATUS keywords in a search bar you can easily find all previous requests. It's not only me, but there were also other people asking this feature through 2018.


It would be great to know whether you are making progress with our requests.





Nov 17, 2018

Great idea! We really do urgently need this feature.

Nov 23, 2018

Hello Mike, It's a great idea, no question about it, nevertheless we need to pick our battles and prioritize the features and improvements. For example we now spend more time improving the infrastructure and existing features so everything that exist NOW would work much better. We'll get to this feature eventually, so don't be discouraged. Feedback like this with people commenting under it is a strong point when prioritizing things. Thank you!

Nov 29, 2018Edited: Nov 29, 2018

Hello Domas,


Thank you for your kind reply.


Well, it does make sens that you also have to take care of the infrastructure and existing features. In fact, I do really appreciate your work. However, I think that there should be some kind of way to let people vote (voting pools) for the features that majority requires.


Now we have a Wish List group and random people make posts about random features they want. Obviously it's not effective at all. Before I made my original post I had done a little research and it turned out that there were numerous occasions where people requested the same. The problem is that all of the requests have been made at different time, by different people and in a slightly different interpretations. Eventually different administrators and moderators have said that it's in a wish list already.


I suggest a tool (voting pool for features or anything alike) which will work both ways. First of all it will help developers to prioritize the features people really want and not picking up the ones that seems like people want. On the other hand it won't make users feel frustrated. This is actually how it feels - pure frustration. Because I have no clue how many feature requests are there in your list (and it seems like there are hundreds if not thousands). And what makes me question the system is how do you prioritize the features?


It sounds a bit naive that your team goes through the tons of requests that users make and label them by the importance, one by one. Considering the fact that you are now more into maintaining existing infrastructure and features how can you physically do a proper assessment of what we need next?


If the majority of users vote for let's say Badge Feature, and for people it is more important than online status feature, so be it! (though I like the badge feature as well) The point here is that it's users who should help you prioritize next features not your analysts.


Please, don't get me wrong I'm not accusing you or something it just really bothers me that I see people ask for features and after 10 months still there is only hope. I mean it's not a good thing at all.


At the end of the day everyone will win if users can make real influence on what is a true priority and you guys will not crack heads on what you should do from your thousand+ request list.



Nov 29, 2018

@Mike I totally agree with you. Also, you were 100% correct when you said that there has literally been HUNDREDS of DIFFERENT people BEG for the same features since The beginning of 2017 and we literally have not gotten ONE thing that we have wished for. I want that to sink in a little bit, HUNDREDS of people begging for the same features and not ONE has been created. Also, Wix is worth around $200 million dollars and yet it takes their developers YEARS to add SIMPLE HTML 5 features. To prove how easy it is, I hired a freelancer on Fiverr to make a site with all the features that wix won’t give us and it only cost me $500 and it took 10 days to complete. The LEAST that they could do is open up the forum APIs so that we can add our features. But yet it’s “in the works “ AND they said that they won’t even give us ALL of the forum APIs!!!! Like, what the heck??!!!! Your gonna make us wait literally for 2 years for the forum APIs and you won’t even give us ALL of The APIs???!!!

Nov 29, 2018

I mean, I cannot blame developers for the delays and all of the mess. No doubt there are plenty internal policies that have to be followed. But! There should be clear logic in all of it otherwise it's just a nonsense. It's a big no no when feature prioritizing done internally with no real participation of the users. It seems like poor management keeps everyone busy but no matter what developers accomplish, we are not satisfied and keep complaining.


Wish List forum lacks efficiency. There should be something that HELPS to prioritize the work. I believe it's fair and highly efficient to create voting pools. The features that survive and gain the most votes should be delivered - period. The ones that not supported by public could wait a bit more.


@neilwolf88 I agree with you, that the company does make decent profits and it should pay attention to constructive feedback from it's customers. Cause if there are no users there are no profits.


It would be great if everyone could hire a freelancer and solve all the issues on them own, but the truth is that WIX as a platform is aiming to provide most (but not necessarily all) of our basic needs. In fact some of the features people ask to add are truly basic in 2018 and we got used to them using other platforms.


There is no way you can impress users with Online Status Feature, but when you don't have it, it truly feels like 90s, and something huge is missing. I'm not saying that it's easy to create, but rather than our forum participants can easily expect them. It truly feels like an obvious thing.


Blaming and accusing will not help at all. I really want WIX managers and developers to hear me out. It's getting way out of hand and we need solution. Otherwise there will be hundreds of other people in the future claiming that their feature is the most important in the world and accusing you for not being competent.


I'm looking forward to your feedback. @Domas Sabockis




Nov 27, 2018

I agree, we have been asking for this feature for AT LEAST 10 months. We have been wanting this feature and the verified badges for a LONG time. It would literally take like 1 day at the most to implement.

Nov 27, 2018

I can tell you that badges are already in the works ;)

Nov 27, 2018

That’s great!!! But what about the online status?? Also, the online status should be something that users can manually set because sometimes people are online but don’t want to be bothered.

Nov 27, 2018

Online status is not something we gonna work on in the near future :/

Nov 27, 2018

That’s very disappointing...... This leads me to my last and most important question, will we ever have access to the forum APIs so that we can add features that we want using wix code? If so, how long? Because this is probably the most important feature that would make most people happy and we have requested this feature for about a year, as well.

Nov 27, 2018

We have in our plans to platformize/open the Forum API’s, so that you or anybody else could build the features they want. It’ll be a gradual process, but expect it in Q2-Q3.

Nov 27, 2018

Could you explain what you mean by “It will be a gradual process”? Also, are you saying that it will be ready the second/third quarter of next year?

Nov 27, 2018

It means that not all API will be opened at the same time. It should start rolling out second, third quarter next year.

Nov 27, 2018

Are there enough APIs available in wix code for people to try to create their own forum from scratch?

Nov 28, 2018

Will we be able to change what each badge says for each user or is it just a verified badge?

Nov 28, 2018

Yes! The badge will be able to say anything you want! [ForumNinja]

Nov 28, 2018

@Domas Sabockis So for example, can we make a badge for one user that says “Verified Member” and then make another badge for another member that says ”Featured Member”?

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Nov 29, 2018

Is there a limit to how many badges that a single member can have? Also, when will this feature be available?

Dec 3, 2018

We will not be able to ship it this year :/ More like mid to end of January.

Dec 3, 2018

How many badges can one user have?

Dec 4, 2018

Can these badges be automated? I mean, I don't think many people want to go around the forum adding badges.

It's funny that the feature I would like to see most is voting so that people can vote on posts to upvote features they want. And this thread is about a feature that people want and introducing a means to vote for it would be cool! When is voting coming?

Members should also be able to manually select to display if they are online or offline, for privacy purposes. Sometimes a person may be online but they don’t want to be bothered, that’s why they should have the option to manually choose to display if they are online or offline.

Oct 3

I 90% agree with this, 1. Wix devs need to focus on the important things,

2. That would be awesome, ngl 3. Its not first priority.

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