Dec 20, 2017

Subcategories - why is this not a thing?


It would be really useful to be able to add sub categories within overarching categories

Dec 21, 2017

Hi majid.ahmed,


Thanks for contacting us.

I've added your feature request to our wishlist. Can you tell us a bit about the usage of this kind of ability?

Jan 9, 2018

This would be incredibly useful for our agency. For instance, I would like to post our agency's resource binder in the forums so that our off-site staff are able to access it from the forum. By creating subcategories, I could title the initial board as "BRH Resources" and then subcategories could be titled "Housing Resources", "Medical Resources", "Legal Resources", etc, with posts under each subcategory with the information for the resource. I can see this being applicable in a Q&A board when there are different admins who respond to different types of questions (in our agency, I respond to tech questions, another admin responds to policy and procedures, another admin responds to payroll and other HR issues) This could also be useful for another agency that I manage as there are several work groups that report to subcommittees. (example: The agency is an LGBTQ Center which has an agency forum, the subcommittee, PRIDE, has it's own forum topic, but there are several work groups under that subcommittee that post under the topic. It would be useful to have subcategories for these work groups to be able to keep their posts more organized.)


Thank you for considering this option. I think that the many applications and uses would make this a great asset to the forum!

Jan 10, 2018

Hi tanya.p,


Thank you very much for your detailed explanation! We've added your feature request to our wishlist :)

Jan 14, 2018

Sub-categories would great, we've been waiting on them for a while. :P

Jan 14, 2018

Hi Trav,


We know that sub categories are very important to our users. I've added your request to our wishlist :) Stay tuned!

Apr 4, 2018

Hi guys,


You can now add subcategories to your forum! read more here.

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