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Dec 19, 2021
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Hello, any moderators reading this. I own, a gaming website I made so you can play any games using embed and HTML features in the safest way possible. Kids can use this platform and make accounts. They can also chat in the forum and also chat to anybody. But I need your help. There are lots of stuff missing. Like so much that it doesn’t even feel like a forum anymore. It’s missing so much. 1: More security. Like captcha or something. A person can walk in the forum, spam a bunch of messages, and not even automatically get banned or at least muted for an hour or something. I tested it on my website, the spam worked flawless. And that’s not good. 2: Display names (ex: John @johnathon7) This would be useful for loss of impersonation, 3: Verification badge There was a post on the Velo forum about this. And they were correct about this. We need this super super bad. Listen to their argument. 4: Repost/Retweets You could use this to cite a news source, like Twitter. Thank you for taking your time.


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