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Florian Kerzel
Jan 25, 2022
In Forum Discussions
Hello there. On my Wix webpage I am using many Wix Pro Gallerys. I have an issue when using it in mobile mode: When clicking on the images to enlarge them to full screen, there are no more buttons to go from one image to the next. Instead, users have to manually scroll with their finger. The problem is that scrolling with a finger is way too sensitive and even when I try doing it slowly, I usually jump 1 or two images and have to go back. Is there a way to either turn down the sliding speed or alternatively to add buttons in full screen mode (I'd prefer turning down the sliding speed)? I already searched but haven't found anything. Automatic scrolling is not an option as I want the user to decide in what speed they look at the images. Any help is much appreciated!
Florian Kerzel

Florian Kerzel

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