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Porta Team
Feb 24, 2019
In Forum Discussions
Hello, I have been trying to set-up a triggered email that gets sent out on form submission both to the member that is currently logged in and to our company's email. I have managed to send the email to the site member, but I'm still wondering what's the best way to send a triggered email to an email address that's not that of the currently logged in member. I have been scouring through the web, and I found this link where they explain the process: I have no issue with setting up the code to do the job, but I am curious about why we need to use third party software to send these emails. If we can email the currently logged in member using the Wix-Users module, why do we have to use third party software for emailing any other email addresses? Does this have to do with GDPR, Wix capabilities, etc? I can't find any convincing explanations around the web. My doubt comes from the fact that, say, using Gmail you could theoretically email anyone you want, so why can't we do that from Wix as well? Thanks very much in advance!
Porta Team

Porta Team

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